Monday, 8 December 2008

Song 9 in Eb major

Song 9 in Eb major (mp3 file)

Two electric guitars.

And now, for something completely different! I decided to dig out my electric guitar for this one. It's a jazzy blues with a slightly warped turnaround, I haven't counted the bars, but I think it might be a 14-bar blues or something. I was fooling around with the intro chords, decided I liked the sound of them, and then decided they would fit nicely into a blues. It's been a while now since I dug into the blues. I like mixing jazz and blues, but I need to hone my jazz skills... Some slightly advanced harmony going on here that I would like to take more advantage of.

The intro goes something like this: Cm7 - Abm7 - Ebadd9/G - F#m6 - Fm7 - Bb7sus - Eb6.

Doing a song like this, I would really prefer to have a full band, but I've decided (at least for now) against using any programmed drums or bass.

Eb is one of those "unguitaristic" keys, the only open string is the G string, and you have to play almost every chord with some sort of bar chord. Since Eb is a good key for horns, it's pretty common in jazz, so I thought it natural to explore a jazzy sound for this key.

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