Saturday, 6 December 2008

Song 6 in G# minor

Song 6 in G# minor (mp3 file)

Solo steel string guitar.

You might notice that the file refers to Ab minor instead of G#. You CAN use both terms. The reason I used Ab for the url was that internet addresses can't contain # signs. But the reason that I use G# minor for the NAME is that G# minor contains 4 sharps, whereas technically, Ab is the parallel key of Cb, which has SEVEN flats. It's easier for me to think of 4 sharps and than 7 flats. Cb is the same note as B, but this has to do with musical notation. It's a complicated subject. Look it up on Wikipedia if you like!

This is the slowest and perhaps darkest piece yet. I chanced upon the sound of the first two chords, which I liked the sound of, and took the rest from there. It's Abm to G6, I liked the contrary motion of the bass and the upper voices. This was written for this project, and I think I might keep working on this piece later on, because I rather liked a few of the ideas, but I don't think I've finalized the form of the tune. Also, it was tricky getting the performance just right. A few awkward stretches and fingerings going on here.

I'll leave it at that. Have a nice weekend, I've got one in the can for tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

This was a very calm and inspired performance, but i must admit that i personally missed some solo going on,
but hey who am i to judge :)