Monday, 1 December 2008

Song 1 in G major

Solo nylon string guitar.

For my first song, I decided to finish up on an idea that has been around for a few months. The problem was deciding on the ending. I've become more aware that a song should have an "arc", that is to say that it should rise and fall and climax in the right places. I managed to annoy the missus a little with the choices I made for this one, so I figured I was onto something!

G major is one of those very guitar friendly keys. The tune started, as is often the case with me fooling around ("noodling"), and coming up with a sound that I liked. In this case, it's a Gadd9 sound, which I think would have sounded different in any other key, although you could transpose it quite easily. It's got a rather fat yet bright sound, due to the root note being on the 6th string, and lots of open strings avilable for the chords.

Gear: Kimbara nylon string and Røde K2 microphone.

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