Friday, 5 December 2008

Song 5 in C major

Song 5 in C major (mp3 file)

Solo steel string guitar.

Okay, it's back to the ballads. This one was written specifically for this project. It is rather simple, as it is really based one just one single idea. I wish I could elaborate more on the theme, but that's the nature of doing a project like this. This is what I came up with in the time I had available. As such, I was pleased by it. It doesn't sound all that original, in fact I kept thinking that it's like my version of "Blackbird" by the Beatles. I use a sixth interval that moves up and down the scale over a drone. But whereas "Blackbird" is in G major, and has the root note as a drone, this one is in C, and it still uses the G as a drone, but in this context it functions as the fifth interval, which gives a slightly different sound. I had to alter the harmony a bit for the lowest notes, it sounds a little bit clunky, but so be it.

When I listened back to the solo pieces for steel string guitar I've done, it struck me that it sounds quite a lot like a harpsichord, especially this one, which has a little bit of a classical flavor to it. I'm still working on how to record this guitar. I wish I had a better room for recording my acoustic guitars, as it is, I am sitting in my living room, and you can hear the computer whizzing in the background. The proximity and the position of the mic alters the sound a big deal, as well as the sound of the room itself. I think it might be better to place the mic a little further away from the guitar, but the room is so big and lively sounding that the mic starts picking up a lot of reflections from the walls, the floor and the roof. Also, more distance means more background noise.

Anyway, that was today's tune, gotta get back to working on the next one!

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