Friday, 12 December 2008

Song 13 in Eb minor

Song 13 in Eb minor (mp3 file)

Two steel string guitars.

For this one, I've also managed to make a music video with my mobile phone, featuring my boy Erik!

I've been looking at the lists of songs that I've got left to do, as well as the ones that I've finished. While looking at the list, I quickly decided to do a little tribute to Django Reinhardt in Eb minor. I proceeded to sit down and write the tune in five minutes or so. Funny how some things
have to be labored over, and how some things just come out.

My chops are not quite at their peak for doing uptempo jazz, so there are a few warts along the way. I'm reasonably proud, though, that I didn't have to do a lot of editing for this one. The rhythm guitar was pretty much a first take. For the lead guitar, I did one take of intro, melody and outro.

For the solo, I had one almost complete take (the third one, I think) that I just needed to fix a couple bars of. Although this is sort of Django-esque in style, my playing is nowhere near the virtuosity that Django and other top dogs in "jazz gitane" display. For Norwegians, this style is probably best well known through the "Hot Club de Norvege", featuring Jon Larsen on guitar. He's no slouch either, let me tell you.

It felt good doing something more upbeat after all these ballads!

PS. The "cafe noises" at the beginning were created at home by yours truly and my better half:-D

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