Monday, 8 December 2008

Song 8 in Bb minor

Song 8 in Bb minor (mp3 file)

Two steel string guitars.

Another minor key tune, but this one is a little off the wall. This one is based around a short melody line. Unusual for me, I've use my audio editing software as a composition tool, as I've taken the phrase and chopped it up and moved it around. For variation, I threw in a slower improvised section in the middle. I'm not an expert at this kind of thing, but it's fun to fool around with, although time-consuming. I guess I could have arrived at the same results more or less by arranging everything before recording, but I've only got a short time where the house is quiet enough that I can set up the mic and record. If I don't finish everything in time, I've got to sit down with the headphones on later on and try to sort it out.

This is not perfectly executed by any means, both in terms of playing or editing. The missus didn't like it too much, but what can you do? ;-)

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